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Has SEO changed?.

Has SEO changed?

Within our marketing channels we have seen many evolve into new things. However, have these channels evolved as quickly as Search Engine Optimisation?

We could put this down to Google and its continuous algorithm updates across the years but has SEO actually changed from this?

Well... I’m here to share what has changed, which should help you have a better understanding.


Within a SEO strategy it has to have good content in order for it to be successful. Google has actually refined what it considers to be “good” content over the years, but it was the update of Panda in 2011 that said good riddance to the content and keyword cramming.

After Panda was put into place, it was virtually impossible to get away with any content-based tactics. People tried using the quantity over quality method but failed. Instead, the search engine champions were the ones who produced the best, most valuable content.

SERP Updates

How many times has the search engine results page changed? Too many to count!

Some of these changes are so small and it is always debatable whether to even count them. But if you were to look back across the years and compare it to today, you will now see how different your considerations have to be. Back in 2008 Google finally integrated ‘Suggest’ into the main search query box and look how much this is used today!

Mobile Optimisation

Optimising for mobile has become not only common, but is a vital requirement these days.

Mobile devices have expanded in popularity since the iPhone first emerged and are now part of everyday life. Google has done everything it can to emphasize the importance of optimising websites for mobile users. In 2015, mobile queries officially surpassed desktop queries in Google search and with the likes of Siri and Cortana being used frequently, semantic search will only get bigger.

Updates and the impact

Google has stressed the importance of search optimisers by releasing random, major updates to its search algorithm, that essentially changed how rankings were calculated. However, now that the search engines have reached a strong foundation, the significance and pacing of these updates have declined. Today, updates are smaller and are released gradually, leaving a less dramatic impact on the industry.

New versus old 

The infographic below, courtesy of content-marketing expert Neil Patel, fully captures the way search optimisation has evolved.

SEO Then Vs Now

SEO may feel like a whirlwind sometimes, but understanding where it has come from and where it stands today will help you become better at online marketing.

But if you do feel like it’s all too much – that’s why we’re here! We can do it for you – the long-term benefits are worth it.