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How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Influence Sales On Websites.

How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Influence Sales On Websites

One of the biggest and well the hottest shopping events of the year! Forget store outlets with reduced designer brands. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is becoming a thing.

Originated from the US, a day after Thanksgiving Day, it’s been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season. Over the years it rolled over to the United Kingdom, Canada, India and it continues to increase in different parts of the world. Cyber Monday is another event that follows from Black Friday where the focus is towards online shopping.

With the constant reminders on my iPhone, I’ve been bombarded with emails of the latest deals but I cannot help but be one of those bargain hunters to find good deals for Christmas. Over the years, I learnt how brands are creating that WANT. Reading an article recently explains how it creates that want by doing sale leaks and previews of the deals since October. Create that want by producing sliders informing customers there are sales or target people with offers through emails to ensure customers are getting sneak previews. Statistically, Cyber Monday has an increased its online sales.

Total online sales from Black Friday

(source taken from https://blackfriday.com/trends-and-predictions#trends-and-predictions)

To conclude, make sure to create that want your customers especially how events can play an important part in marketing your customers into buying your product or service. This will help more sales by heavily marketing yourself amongst your competitors with sneak previews through your websites.

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