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Create links that search engines will love

30 Apr 2014

Written by
Jayne Cooter

Written by
Jayne Cooter

Create links that search engines will love

You may have heard a rumour that links are no longer important in search engine optimisation, but that would not be entirely the truth. Indiscriminate link building, and outsourcing link building on a grand scale is definitely a no-go. Quality link building, however, can be hugely effective for your website’s position with the search engines.

What is a link?

Links (short for hyperlinks) on a computer are references to other pages on the Internet and when you click on the link you are taken via a short cut straight to the referenced web page. The link can either be text or an image. A link can either be one-way or reciprocal. Reciprocal is where both pages have the link to each other’s page. A one-way link is where only one of the references has the link.

How do you set up a link?

It is very simple and requires a short piece of code - you need to specify the text that is to be underlined and clicked on, and then the destination URL. Write an instruction that is appealing and relevant to the link rather than the overused ‘click here’. For example: ‘see how weight loss can be achieved with SunWarrior’. The final step is to create an anchor on the page, and you do this by writing a description of the link. It is important to make the anchor text as specific as possible and the same name shouldn’t be used each time.

Did you know?

  • The bigger the referral site the better & more authoritative the link.
  • The more relevant the site is to the link the better the link is.
  • One-way links are better for SEO than reciprocal links.
  • A new link is better than a 4 year old link.
  • Clicks from social media sites such a Facebook are treated differently than other links but are still important for SEO.

Examples of good links

A web journal review on a product or service. Your commentary on a web blog. A submission to a relevant online directory (NB there may be a charge for submission).

There is no denying that a link building strategy is time consuming, but a quality link building strategy can pay dividends for your rankings. At website success we can help you with your link strategy.

At Website Success we can analyse the current links to your site and advise you on how best to make your link building strategy more effective. Call us now on (0)1243 888 555.