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What To Look For When Choosing a Web Development Agency.

What To Look For When Choosing a Web Development Agency

Choosing a web development agency for your business can be a big commitment. Below are just few points you should consider before making your decision.


An obvious answer is to look at what work the agency has recently produced. If you like the style and quality of the work its likely they are going to produce a piece of work that’s of a similar high standard. Most companies will show some of their work on their website but don’t be afraid to ask for some for specific examples. They might have built websites for companies in a similar business sector as you!


Once your project has been completed, what level of support will you get if you want to make changes? We have heard of some agency’s charging customers £500+ if the developers break something! We would suggest asking the agency before you agree to the initial build what level of support you will receive later on.


It can be very beneficial to have your website designed, built and marketed all in one place. Here at Website Success we provide all of these services. You will be given a project manager who will look after your needs throughout each step of the way. If you have a different company for each step you are more than likely going to experience a breakdown in communication.


Ultimately, every company has a budget for a website, and you need to find what your budget is. You will then need to ask around to gage what companies are happy to work within the price bracket you have in mind. There is no point in going through and getting a contract to only find that the agency is going to charge you 10x your budget.

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