Email Marketing

‘It costs 5 times more to find a new customer than to nurture an existing customer.’ (Forbes, 2018)

Email Marketing is a highly effective way of keeping in touch with and upselling to your already existent list of customers and people you have interacted with in the past. It presents a friendly and familiar ‘face’ of your organisation, reminds customers about products and services they might be interested in and keeps them up to date with news and developments.

Your email marketing designs

Your email marketing needs to be attractive, engaging and aimed at converting sales. Our Digital Marketing team is highly experienced in designing and creating e-shots, emails and newsletters which drive traffic to your website and convert it into enquiries and sales.

We use and recommend select email marketing systems based on their effectiveness:

Testing your email marketing

We test your email templates and set-up across multiple email platforms to ensure their robustness and consistency when they are delivered.

Our developers check the integrity of the emails we design and build across 70+ email platforms, 4 web browsers and 5 versions of Internet Explorer. We make sure that they display correctly, represent your brand appropriately, and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Your successful email marketing

Targeted email shots (e-shots) are one of the most effective forms of online marketing today, delivering messages directly into the inboxes of your customers or potential customers.

When designed and written correctly, an e-shot can get you one of the best response rates of any form of digital marketing. So, if you have a database of customers’ and prospective customers’ email addresses, let’s discuss email marketing options for your company!

Our in-house team of experts provides an end to end service, from planning and writing your content, and designing and building the email, to the technical aspects of testing and sending out your email. We promise that you’re in the best hands.

Kick off your email marketing today!