Goodfayre are an ethical shop based in Salisbury, created by Dana Burton as part of her mission to help, not harm, our planet and all who live on it. Driven by a desire to shop more consciously, Dana created the shop as a community space for
like-minded people to find products that have been environmentally and ethically sourced.

Goodfayre website on desktop

What was required

Goodfayre wanted to revamp the website they had and to include E-Commerce functionality so that customers could see and buy their products online as well as in store. They wanted to showcase why their products are better than the mainstream as they take into account their benefits to the environment. 

What we did

We produced a website that allows Goodfayre to not only promote their products and shop but also showcase all the good that can be done to help the environment. We built a fully functioning E-Commerce and 100% mobile responsive website that is easy to use and has helped the company increase their website engagement by over 35%.

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Goodfayre website on mobile
Goodfayre website on mobile
Goodfayre website on mobile
Nick Fenmor Collins

Nick Fenmor Collins - Founder

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