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Medical Mavericks

Medical Mavericks aim to inspire children to peruse careers in the medical industry. They host a wide range of workshops for children in year 7 up to young adults in college. They also have a wide range of online videos to help promote and educate children about the medical industry.

Medical Mavericks's website on desktop

What Was Required?

Medical Mavericks wanted to improve the structure of the website so that it was easy to navigate while also looking stylish and informative. Ultimately the goal was to inform schools and children about the service they provide and then also push them towards enquiring about having them host an expedition at their schools.

What We Did

We redesigned and developed their website so that it promoted their service so that it attracted the attention of students and teachers and help turn impressions into enquiries. They wanted to be able to send proposals to each school that enquired so that they could customize each experience.

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