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Website Performance Testing

As a business owner, tracking how well your website is performing is crucial as it can highlight potential errors within a website before they become damaging. Our website performance testing software will generate a fast, accurate report. This report will highlight the areas that your website is doing well in and the areas which need improvement.

Our website performance test provides you with an easy to understand breakdown of the different areas within your website. These areas consist of:

  • Marketing – Is your website optimised? Is it regularly shared and linked to on social media?
  • Technology – Is the website up-to-date and well-built? Does it load quickly?
  • Content – Is the content on your website clear and understandable?
  • Accessibility – Is it easy for your audience to use your website and find what they need?

Combining the scores from each of these sections will result in an overall score out of 100, with a breakdown of each section. This provides you with a clear overview of how well your website is performing and any particular areas that need improvement.

A look at the website performance test

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