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The right tools to deliver your online success.

We’re offering EC members the resources you need to measure, grow and track your digital business bringing improved traffic, leads and sales through your website. Through years of product testing and research, we have found and developed the most effective software to clearly boost your marketing.


Website Testing

Website Testing

Online presence is an essential asset for your business. However, without optimizing your site, you’ll struggle to generate a significant presence online as you’re left vulnerable to penalization from Google, which will most likely lead to a decline in potential leads and sales.

Our performance test provides you with quick and accurate results.

We’ll run a Website Performance Test, usually priced at £48, to present you with a report which you’ll receive on the same day each month. In addition to this another report is available to you at any requested time during the monthly period.

The one-off performance test report covers the following areas:

  • Accessibility
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Technology

We will give you an overall score out of 10, before breaking down each section which highlights how well your website is performing and any solutions to issues that have been found.

Keyword Ranking Tool

Keyword Ranking Tool

Want to make sure you’re showing up organically for the right keywords for your business?

This tool shows you whether your keyword phrase rankings are going up or down in the search engine results.

We’ll research your keywords and add them to our Keyword Ranking Tool (normally $49/month) which will run every 2 weeks so you’ll know where your organic listings are listed and if they’re improving or dropping over time.

Organic Search Data

Organic Search Data

Is a wonderful tool that uses browser data and advanced algorithms to identify 85% of the keywords (the ones Google Analytics shows as “not provided”)

Since 2011, Google stopped showing users’ data for how they carried out a search and put this in a section called ‘not provided’. This was frustrating for companies as they were unable to identify what keywords they rank for.

With our organic search data tool, it will reveal all keywords that users used to land on your website.

Heat Mapping

Local Citation

See your website through your visitors’ eyes. Visitor recording is always on, which means you’ll catch every visitor that comes to your page. Watch replays to discover what your visitors interact with and what makes them leave.



Ever wanted to know how your website is performing monthly?

Our Consolidated Reporting (normally $20/month…and we will connect and configure it for you) draws data from Google Analytics/Adwords/Facebook (ads and social)/Instagram/Google Sheets…and many more to come.

Identifying how well your website is performing also allows you to analyse the impact of your Google, Bing and Facebook ads.


Adwords Optimisation

Ever wanted to optimise your google ad campaigns but not know where to start?

We’ll use our automated Adwords optimisation software to spot errors, allocate spends to most appropriate areas and report and split tests you may be running.

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