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5 Great Time-Saving Tips For AdWords!.

5 Great Time-Saving Tips For AdWords!


5 Great Time-Saving Tips For AdWords!

As we all know, AdWords needs a lot of attention even at the quietest of times, let alone coming into the Christmas season! So, here’s some top tips on how to save time and be much more efficient with your AdWords management:

1. Opportunities

Most of the time, Google actually want to help you out and one of the ways they offer this is through opportunities, a feature that analyses your AdWords account, and gives you possible improvements, which could be anything from new keywords, to new campaign ideas.

Adwords Opportunities


2. Keyword Diagnosis

‘Diagnose keywords’ is a great tool which can quickly report whether your ads are showing for each keyword, and provides a status, such as ‘ad showing now’ or ‘low search volume’. If you want further information, hover over the speech bubble next to the keyword, to get a more in-depth status.

To find this, go to the ‘keywords’ tab and select the keywords you’d like to diagnose, then click on details. From here you’ll see ‘keyword diagnosis’. Click this to adjust your preferences for the diagnosis, and you’re set to go.

Red Flag message examples are:

•Budget limited ‘ad only showing occasionally due to budget’.

•Low bid or quality score ‘this keyword is triggering ads with a similar keyword’.

These can help you ‘diagnose’ any problems with keywords and within your AdWords account that may not be immediately obvious, and help you fix them sooner.

3. The Bulk Edit Option

For marketers who manage their PPC from the web, a feature that will make your life a lot easier is the bulk editing feature, which allows changes to campaigns, ad groups, ads and even keywords with just a few clicks. Common edits include the ability to increase and decrease bids, replace and copy ad text and set new budgets.

For each tab, you can select the edit drop down to see which bulk changes you can make on that individual tab. There’s also the option to preview the changes before making them final, which is helpful. However, there are some limitations for advanced users, options like “raise to estimated top of page bid”, for keywords might be a no-brainer for some AdWords users.

4. Schedule Reports

One of the simplest things you can do, is schedule reports from AdWords to appear in your inbox with the data you want, and how frequent you would like them. You can run and download a report from any tab and select ‘email and schedule report’.

You can also choose which users you’d like to receive the report. With an option for ‘simple reporting’, which automatically delivers the report to the main people associated with the AdWords account.

Adwords Schedule Report

5. Automated Rules

Automated rules can make things happen across the AdWords account, depending on what you specify. It’s a great feature to save time on frequently performed tasks that take a lot of time.

The top time-saving automated rules (in my opinion) are:

•Changing CPC bids to get a desired page rank or top of page rank

•Increasing/decreasing budget on campaigns based on CPA

These are a few tips that can help you save a lot of time, and become a lot more efficient within your AdWords account.

If you have any issues surrounding your AdWords, don’t hesitate to contact us today!