5 questions to ask yourself before site redesign

Dec 04, 2014

Written by

Written by
Owen Gaudion

Written by
Owen Gaudion

1. What Content Currently Exists on Your Site?
Everyone knows great content is the forefront of a successful website but how many of us know what we have on every webpage we offer? Before thinking about new content to add you should go back and realise what you already have to transfer to the new website as this is the kind of material and content your consumers visit your website for.

It also gives you a chance to look at the content that wasn't so successful so that it can be marketed better in the future or avoided so that your company doesn't waste time on it again. The pros of reading your site first are below:

  • Don't waste time duplicating valuable content
  • Chance to produce more content your consumers enjoy
  • Don't lose your valuable content by not knowing its there
  • You can carry across your great feedback from consumers.

2. What Content Drives Revenue?
This is a valuable question to ask because, like most when redesigning, you will be looking to change products and items you offer. It's valuable because it allows you the chance to find out which products/services are bringing in the most revenue and which ones aren't through analytics.

If your website has eCommerce tracking then you will be able to track which products/services are converting visits to sales. Once you find these gems DO NOT CHANGE THEM! These pages are the forefront of your revenue and need to stay the same.

If you have web pages that are currently receiving low traffic but have the potential to be high revenue page, if the traffic could be increased, then make these the main focus of your plan for the new redesign.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with a redesign is creating content without know what truly brings revenue to their company and where best to spend their time.

3. Are Current Calls to Action Working?
Another useful question to ask is how are people travelling around your site? Where do they click the most? Which calls to action get the least click through rate?

To answer these questions all you need to do is, again, visit analytics to determine where those wasted calls to action are and where the successful links are. This can be used to determine areas to improve, changing calls to actions, tailoring the message to the reflect areas of high interest and removing useless calls to actions.

To access In-Page Analytics go to content and standard reporting. This will allow you to get a visual assessment of your consumers use your website. This is a great way to see your website through the eyes of your consumers.

Through In-Page Analytics you can find out:

  • How many clicks are happening at the bottom of the website
  • Are your users clicking through or is the message unsuccessful
  • Are your consumers seeing your content or is it not getting through

4. What Information is Missing or Needs to be Reworked?
Just as reviewing your website can help you work out what's best for your website it can also help you figure out what is not. Through your internal search log you can find out exactly what your customers are searching for as if they were saying it to you face to face. This is great to see if you need to bring back previous products that you stopped selling, products are so popular they could do with an individual web page, or maybe content is out-dated and needs tweaking to make it accurate again.

Finding these errors and mistakes will allow you to avoid them in the future.

5. Does the Content Support the Site?
If the answer is no then this is a substantial area to work on for growth. To find this out you can, again, use analytics to help you find out how your consumers navigate around your website.

You could also use test subjects, people who haven't seen your site, and see how they navigate through your sight. Give them free rein and then ask them the questions you started i.e. your purpose and what you offer. By allowing this you will get a true opinion on your new redesign and areas you need to focus on to get better results and outcomes.

By following these 5 rules you can ensure that your new redesign, not only avoids the mistakes you made the first time around, but also encourages greater traffic and a grander reflection of what your companies goals and processes are.

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