Does Blogging Improve SEO?

Aug 31, 2018

Written by

jacob turrell

Written by
Jacob Turrell

jacob turrell

Written by
Jacob Turrell

Why Consistently Blogging Improves SEO

One of the most effective methods to boost SEO ranking for a business, is to blog at least once a week. We recommend this for every client, as from previous experience, we've seen better improvements in both traffic and search rankings within the first 6 months of regular blogging, compared to businesses who didn't blog.

From here, we continue to see further ranking and traffic improvements for all clients, with the majority seeing first page rankings for their top services in under a year.

However, we can see from our own blogging, that the results can show sooner than the typical '6 months', with new traffic to our website increasing by 16% in just under 2 months compared to the previous period.


I bet what you're asking is, how does blogging actually have such a significant impact on SEO for your business?

1. Creates new content for search engines to index

Search engines appreciate when you give them new content that provides users with answers to questions. Search Engines exist to answer questions and to solve problems. So, when marketers create optimised, useful blogs that answer queries, search engines reward them by giving the content a 'green flag' and displaying the blog in the search results.

2. Increases the chances of ranking for keyword phrases

The more blog posts you create, the more keywords phrases you use, which therefore boosts your SEO rankings for these phrases. Through consistent blogging, our clients have seen an increase in keyword phrases they're ranking for in less than a year.

3. Users will see you as a credible information source

Blogging on a consistent schedule improves the credibility of your business. It shows users you take care in perfecting your blogging, which also suggests you take great care in other aspects of business. Readers will see you as a trustworthy brand that they can count on to look for guidance on related issues.

4. It helps you get into a better routine

Getting into a routine of blogging weekly will make writing almost second nature, and you're much less likely to let it slip. Planning and scheduling in blogs a month or two in advance is much like writing a shopping list as you're more likely to make regular meals if the ingredients are planned out ahead. Furthermore, if a clear deadline is set in advance, you're more inclined to write it than if it's off of your own memory.

In conclusion, any blogging is beneficial to your website and SEO, so even if you don't have the time or resource to blog weekly, try to get as many blogs written and published as possible.

Website Success has an in-house digital marketing team who specialise in SEO, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact page or pop in to our Chichester based offices.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for reading!