How Can I Make my Facebook Ad Stand Out?

Sep 25, 2018

Written by

oscar silvester

Written by
Oscar Silvester

oscar silvester

Written by
Oscar Silvester

Facebook Ads. The cheapest solution, biggest audience and the future of advertisement.

There's a reason over 1.5 million businesses spend money on mobile advertising for Facebook. So how are you going to make your business stand out?

The reality is, with the right marketing campaigns you can drive your small business to a multi-million-pound organization. So, what better way to reach this goal by looking at multi-million-pound businesses.

We've identified 3 essentials to ensure you've got a successful Facebook marketing campaign. However, we won't leave you to guess. We've included examples to show you exactly what the perfect Facebook ad looks like.

Firstly, Facebook, like all other social media, is growing and changing every day. Which is why it's essential to take advantage of current trends. Capturing an audience with a current trend can see your conversion rate grow at a striking rate.

Denny's Diner mastered this when they led their audience on an adventure within an ad, releasing their own version on a popular meme: 'Zoom in on the corner'…

Genius. Next on our list is giving the audience a sense of familiarity. When people see the brands and products they're used to seeing around their house, they are more likely to acknowledge the advertisement.

Pepsi released this Ad, appearing to take a comical twist on their product by taking a light-hearted dig at their biggest competitor.

However, the reality is that Coca-Cola as a product is consumed 1.9 billion times each day far more than Pepsi, meaning the audience is more likely to recognise Coca Cola's logo and therefore will attract consumers of both products.

Again, a very clever technique. Our third and final essential step to successful ads is to shock the audience. As bizarre as it sounds, a shocked viewer is an intrigued viewer. If you can genuinely shock your audience or trigger a fear of theirs then you've already done half the work as they are captured within the campaign.

Selachophobia. The fear you don't know you have…

Does this ring any bells?

It's the fear of sharks. WWF plays on this common phobia by catching the attention of anyone who sees this advert. Once the viewer's attention has been obtained, they're then focused on reading the content of the ad. In this case, the extinction risk of sharks.

Facebook ads offer the ultimate platform for your campaigns. Follow our tips and grow your business by really optimizing your picture ads.

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