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How to Write Meta Descriptions for SEO.

How to Write Meta Descriptions for SEO


How to Write Meta Descriptions for SEO


What is a meta description and how would you go about writing one? Why are they important?


What is a meta tag?

A meta tag is a html element that provides information about a webpage for search engines and people visiting the website. There are two things that must be placed as tags in the section of a html document. These are:

•Title tag

•Meta Description


What is a meta description?

Now we know what a meta tag is, let’s explain what a meta description is. The meta description is a short paragraph which is found in the HTML section of a webpage, which describes the content of the page. This description will be shown under your pages URL in search results, also known as a snippet.


What is a meta description

This can also appear on various social platforms, such as when people share your website or articles.


Social Example of Meta Description



Where do I add the meta description?

The meta description can be added to your site’s HTML, in the <head>  section. Here’s an example:


<meta name="description" content="Short description of the website">



Your CMS should give you full access over meta descriptions, and there are plenty of SEO plug-ins out there, for example Yoast, where there’s a specific ‘meta description’ section where you can input your description, and a preview of how it will look in search engine results pages (SERPs):


Yoast Example


Why is the meta description important?

The meta description is one of the key selling points of whether people click through to your website or not. The more enticing, clear and relevant the description, the more likely someone will click through.

Finally, let’s get to the point, how would you go about writing a good meta description?

•Firstly, make sure you use your most important keywords for the webpage to show up. Often, search engines will highlight text in bold if it matches the searchers query in your snippet.

•Make sure your writing is readable and to the point. This is vital, as overfilling your description isn’t good, as it will make the searcher assume your results will lead to an unprofessional, spammy website.

•When writing your description, treat it as an advert for your webpage; make it interesting and as relevant to your services as possible. It is key that the description MUST match content on the page, but also make it as appealing as possible.

•Keep the length of your description around 130 – 160 characters’ long. Any longer and search engines will cut off the end of the description and make sure the most important keywords are nearer the front.

•Do not duplicate descriptions – the same as title tags, the meta descriptions must be written differently for every page. Google is strict with duplication and may penalise you for mass duplication.

Well there you go, now you know exactly how to write strong meta descriptions for your webpages, so what’s stopping you?


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Thank you for reading!