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Internet Explorer < Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has released a new browser to replace the old Internet Explorer but what has changed?

With the recent release of Microsoft Edge, under the code name project Spartan, Microsoft has introduced a sleek new search engine that will allow it to compete again with its rivals, Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer was well known for having a bad reputation within the industry, especially those in the technical industries, but with this new and improved project Microsoft is on the rise for its search share. Thanks to Microsoft Edge, Bing has for the first time seen a 20 percent search share.

So what is new about Microsoft Edge?

The biggest change is the release of Cortana, which is a fully automated personal assistant to the user. Cortana will start with asking to have access to your personal information, such as previous search results, and combined with the cloud-based intelligence it will provide you with helpful suggestions and information that you are looking for. An example of this would be if you are visiting a previous website to a business it will offer you directions to your closest outlet. If that wasn’t enough it will also pop up with opening times of said business and a phone number to contact them on.