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Congratulations to the Mr and Mrs Knox: The Happily Wedded Couple!.

Congratulations to the Mr and Mrs Knox: The Happily Wedded Couple!

Tom & Karys' Wedding!

Friday 6th July was an exciting day for the office, but most importantly for Tom, as it was a huge day for him; it was his wedding! Karys and Tom have been together for almost 9 years and it was finally time to tie the knox! (pun intended)

We were all invited to the reception, which was a bit of scramble, as we finished at 5 and the reception started at 6:30! Nevertheless, we managed to get ready in time and set off.

The reception was at the Fox Patching Inn, which, with the Sun starting to set and the lovely atmosphere, was the perfect evening for the newly wedded couple. There were a range of activities to choose from, such as life-size connect four and Jenga, which were mainly for the children, but we still played anyway! There were also sumo suits and a wrestling pad, which we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to try.

This was followed with the evening buffet and then both the cutting of the cake (which tasted amazing!) and the first dance. After a long day of wedding antics, the evening started to wind down and everyone joined Tom & Karys on the dance floor. After such a lovely evening, the night started to come to an end and we all headed home.

The Website Success team hope both Tom & Karys had an amazing day and we wish them the best future together!