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The Importance Of Branding: Pepsi Cola

27 Feb 2019

Written by
Jacob Turrell

Written by
Jacob Turrell

The Importance Of Branding: Pepsi Cola

After popping out for lunch, Nick returned to the office with three cans of the popular fizzy drink, Pepsi. As you can imagine, we were all as confused as each other, but two of the cans looked slightly different... Did Pepsi rebrand? Were they offering a special promotion? Was Nick going crazy?

Fortunately, the answer was no. It turns out one of the European shops were selling Pepsi cans which were part of a Polish sales campaign. Pepsi had released limited edition cans with their old branding on, dating all the way back to 1940. Now as dull as this may sound, we actually had 3 generations of branding sat in front of us, which a few of the team members (including myself) had never even seen before.

Nick had the idea of getting a picture of three of us holding up the cans in order, to put the generations of Pepsi and its branding, into perspective.

Now this was all a bit of fun, but it really does show how important branding is and how powerful it can be. Pepsi have managed to create and maintain an internationally known brand for just over a century now, which is incredibly hard to do.

Correctly branding your business is crucial. Your branding is responsible for:

•Promoting the recognition of your business

•Setting you apart from your competition

•Generating Referrals

•Telling people about who you are and what you do


Website Success have an in-house design team, who have worked closely with a number of businesses, to create powerful branding which is guaranteed to drive success. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call on 01243 888 555.

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