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Website Success Escape the Office! (In Record Timing!).

Website Success Escape the Office! (In Record Timing!)

Website Success Escape the Office! (In Record Timing!)

After a busy year filled with weeks upon weeks of hard work, the whole team at Website Success were more than ready for the Christmas holidays... But not before an amazing Christmas Party!

We all hurried out of the office to drive to our first destination of the day; An escape room, named Time Craft. We arrived at the room and were introduced by the host, who explained the few ground rules and then we were locked in, with the 1-hour timer quickly ticking down. We immediately split up to find individual parts to complete the puzzle and after putting all the pieces together (with a few sneaky ‘shortcuts’), we were able to complete the course in record timing, with 23 minutes to spare and with no hints used!

After such a great start to the day, we then set off back to Chichester, where we had a few drinks and went bowling, where it all went downhill... Between all 6 of us, we averaged about 4 pins in our first go and to make matters worse, our lane was jammed, which took around 15 minutes to fix. However, things started to pick up as more drinks were consumed, with multiple strikes taking place. Owen took first place, showing us all up. Overall, it was a poor performance from all of us and brought our egos back down after the escape room.

Website Success Team

After this, we went for the Christmas meal at Wildwood, which was a really nice way to round off the day. As we filled up on the various starters and made our way through the delicious main, it was a slow and tough journey through the desserts (which were just as good!) This was followed by a few drinks and then we headed home, ready for the Christmas holiday.

What a great night and a fantastic way to finish the work year of 2017, setting a new record for the escape room and ending the year in ‘striking’ style... Now it’s time to smash 2018!