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Website Success go Golfing… with footballs? (Website Success Spring Party).

Website Success go Golfing… with footballs? (Website Success Spring Party)

Website Success Spring Party!

With summer fast approaching, it was time for the Website Success spring party. Despite it starting off with a bank holiday, the week was very busy and with the heat starting to take its toll on the office, everyone was more than ready for a Friday afternoon out.


Foot Golf at Out of bounds

We started off the afternoon with something a little different, but just as, if not more fun than the real thing: Foot Golf! After taking turns politely and playing the game properly, competitiveness was rising, after Owen had mistaken where the hole was for course 4 and managed to tee off in the opposite direction!

Owen at Golf Website Success

(Owen hiding in the hole after kicking the ball the wrong way)


It eventually turned into a free for all, with every man for himself (and their ball). Unfortunately, we were having such a good time, that we had to leave before we’d finished the course, in order to make it to Go-Karting!



Go-Karting was filled with lots of action, and with everyone getting into the competitive spirit, some great lap times were made but no one came close to Dan, who blew the competition away with an astounding best lap time of just over 32 seconds!

Go-Karting Race Times Website Success


Burgers & Brownies!

Tired and hungry from our efforts in Go-karting, we all eagerly rushed to the chosen restaurant for the night: Burgers & Brownies. Co! (Yes, it was as good as it sounds). The burgers were incredible and a few of us even agreed it was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had! The place continued to live up to his name when dessert was served, each of us not knowing where we were going to fit dessert after such a large burger! There were a range of warm, mouth-watering brownies and cookie dough to choose from, with the weekly special being a snickers brownie! 


burger brownie & coBurger and Brownie


What a fantastic afternoon to finish off the spring period and lead us into the warm British summer, 2018 truly is ‘racing’ by! We hope you have a great summer!