What makes strong SEO Copywriting?

Sep 10, 2015

Written by

nick fenmor collins

Written by
Nick Fenmor Collins

nick fenmor collins

Written by
Nick Fenmor Collins

What is SEO copy writing?

SEO copy writing is the process of writing attractive material that will entice consumers to share and link it. This will encourage an increase in consumer traffic and expand the reach span of the website.

So what is it that makes strong SEO copywriting?


High quality and unique content is the bread and butter of SEO copywriting. The better the content, the higher the SEO ranking for a business' website, and the further a website will reach.

This is done through being clearly written with relevant keywords that suit the required need. It also needs to answer any questions consumers may have, clearly outline the contents purpose and be relevant to your industry to generate interest.


This is one of the most important parts when creating content, not just for SEO copywriting, but for any content produced. It is among the first things a consumer will see and if it's not inviting and attractive to a consumer they will not be encouraged to read it. What this involves for SEO copywriters is creating headlines that contain the relevant keywords whilst also being so enticing that a consumer cannot resist not clicking the article. Through this, headlines can increase traffic to websites as well as improve the search engine ranking and in-turn gain themselves those much-needed external links for reputable places.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description is the introduction that a consumer gains before they visit an article. It normally contains the keywords associated with the information in a clear and concise fashion with just enough content to know exactly what to expect when they follow to the page. Meta descriptions do not serve to improve search ranking but they do offer an insight into what the consumer should expect when reading your article.


Through the use of high quality links a website can thrive. This is because Google know that you are connected to other trusted and decent Websites and will reward your website by increasing its rankings and allowing more consumers to view and find your content.

This is not to say that getting your link on as many sites as possible is good for your SEO, in fact it is the opposite, for it can generally harm the reputation and rank of your website. This is why learning to link build well is a necessity when it comes to SEO copywriting.


Keywords are the centre of SEO and this is because a website will never reach its target market, let alone rank highly within its industry, without the use of strong and relevant keywords.

When discovering these keywords you can use a number of tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords to discover the best and strongest words to use for your content.

These chosen keywords will be used across all channels of content that a business uses such as social media, blogs, webpages and more, and will drive the business up the search engines when consumers search for their specific keywords.

If you wish to talk to an SEO Specialist about increasing or strengthening your SEO content, please contact Website Success through the contact us page or call 01243 888555. Alternatively you can visit us in our Chichester offices.

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