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Writing website content to attract links.

Writing website content to attract links

When we’re talking about content optimization, we must understand what that actually means. Digital marketers usually optimize content for SEO based on keyword tools such as the Google keyword tool – and call it a day. This is what we refer to as “technical SEO” and it’s key to getting results.

Content marketing takes things a step further: Due to changes in Google’s search algorithms it now makes sense to write for ‘semantic’ searches. Semantic means that Google is now much better at answering it’s user’s questions. Here’s what the differences look like:

  • •Technical – Stride Analysis Article
  • •Semantic – I’d like to find articles about stride analysis

Semantic optimization allows us to write great copy that’s written very much for the users, effectively answering their questions and delivering the information they’re looking for. This content is much more attractive for others (real people) to link to, like and share

In summary, write great copy for visitors to read and share then make sure you’re doing the technical SEO required to make sure it’s great for Google to Crawl.

So we’ve now got an understanding of semantic search, my next article will cover the bits you really want to know…how we can get those links