8 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media

May 18, 2016

Written by

Written by
Owen Gaudion

Written by
Owen Gaudion

These days it's not enough for you to throw up a website and hope it performs well. You have to take responsibility for your business' online future and that includes Digital Marketing and part of your online marketing is Social Media. (We covered Digital Marketing as a Multi-Strand approach here).

You might not like Social Media but these days search engines do. Here are 8 reasons why Social Media should be part of your Digital Marketing approach:

1. Growing your direct and indirect links

You can grow your backlink profile naturally with Social Media if you are sharing cool, unique and interesting content. People like being online (in case you haven't realised) and they also like sharing content. Let the content they share be YOUR content.

This can also help with your rankings. Search engine algorithms, the mechanism they use in order to look at and rank your website in search results, are getting cleverer. They take into account activity around the web associated with your website, so although many social links are no-follow, search engines still use those links to find new content on the web and they will take them into account when looking at your website.

2. People will share your cool content

Having content which people want to share is key. Part of the reason people like Social Media is because they like sharing content with each other, whether that be a blog, article, website, tweet, video, photo or infographic. Not sure what content to create? We can help you with that.

3. Your social content & profiles can rank in search engines

Have you noticed recently that when you type a query into a search engine there are often social results? Social Media is free and you can increase your visibility in the search results and consequently your brand awareness and potentially your website visitors - so if you have that opportunity why wouldn't you do it?

4. Your customers use social search

People are using Social Media more often to search for the latest news on topics and products If you are active on Social Media then your business is more likely to capture this audience. This is where a content strategy is helpful (something we can help with) and this strategy should be integrated across your social platforms and website.

5. Social media is measurable

Because it's measurable you can make sure you aren't wasting your time - which is the number 1 reason most businesses don't want to do Social Media. You can use analytics and social management platforms (we do) to measure what social content is doing well and what isn't. It isn't a case of posting stuff blindly to the web, you don't have to worry about wasting time = create, measure, improve.

6. Your followers are a captive audience

As you generate interesting content and attract followers you're creating an in-built audience who will share your content (if you keep a decent content strategy going) and who will engage with your brand.

7. Community brand awareness

Engaging with your local community and events within it is a great way to encourage a following and gain great brand awareness. If you are a local business then supporting your local community on Social Media is a great way to encourage brand awareness.

8. Wholly improving Brand awareness

The main thing about Social Media is to remember that you are looking for the long-term benefits of brand awareness. It might take time to build that following and do all of the above, but the brand awareness you'll gain from it is totally worth it. The thing about Social Media is that what you do in your business might seem normal, even mundane to you, but sharing a photo, some information, an update, is what gets people interested in your company, sharing, following and eventually visiting your website and performing the actions you want them to.


It's time consuming - but that's why we can do it for you - the long-term SEO benefits are worth it. For more in-depth information and the inspiration for this article look this up on Site Pro News.