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DIY Websites Vs Web Developers.

DIY Websites Vs Web Developers

In this blog I am going to briefly explain the pros and cons for both DIY websites Vs using professional web developers.

You have probably heard of website builders like Wix & Squarespace, these are used by hundreds of millions of users for a variety of reasons. Many users use these online tools to write blogs, advertise their business or to sell online, but are these really the way forward? Below are 3 key headings for what you should be looking at when getting a new website built.


If you decide to use an online web builder, you will immediately find yourself crowbarring your content into a restrictive template. You are generally very limited with how you can make your website look and you are using pre-designed sections to build your website.

When you use a Web Design & Development agency you will have a custom website design that is created based on your spec from you. The designer will learn who you are targeting and will ultimately build a website that entices users to read more about you and look into your product/service. You are able to contact the designer to ensure that the design is perfect for you and exactly what you envisaged at the start of a project.


To any normal user a DIY website builder doesn’t look like there is any development/coding involved. You would be wrong to presume this, although the user can never visibly see the code it is always there. Every change you make to the site will trigger a response where the system will have to produce code for a browser to show the change on the website. We have seen many examples where people’s websites have ended up with 3,000+ lines of code when 300 lines would have been ample.

This will slow down a website load speed drastically. Google will then see this and then move you down the results page as this is an obvious negative.

Many DIY website builders will use plugins that are developed by the public, this could therefore leave your business venerable to attacks if these are securely built. This is obviously another negative as data could be exposed or your website could be changed/disabled within minutes.


As mentioned above the marketing and performance of your website will be compromised if you opt for a DIY website. Loading speed, adverts & lack of optimisation are all huge cons when it comes to online website builders. As mentioned in the development section you will see that the loading speed of a website is key but very rarely a DIY site will ever achieve acceptable levels.

Most DIY software will include their own branding unless you pay a monthly fee. This is obviously a negative for you as it’s another monthly cost you will need to pay. Obviously if you don’t pay this monthly cost then your website won’t look professional, you will also lose precious screen space to their branding rather than your own.

Optimising your website is key, much more can be achieved when the website is professionally developed from scratch rather than using a generic template. Our in-house marketing team are great at ensuring your website appear higher in Google search results which is ultimately the first step to getting the right people buying your product/service.

In summary, a DIY website is a good option for those who are wanting to initially build their online presence and show people their new business. However, as your business grows you will see the need to get a custom website built to not only give your website its own personality but also it will give you the ability to properly market your website to get maximum customers onto your website.


If you’re looking to update your website, or you have a new project in mind, we’d love to work with you. Please get in touch to see how we can help your business.