Googles Core Vitals Update | What We’ve Been Doing

Sep 28, 2021

Written by

Written by
Stuart Evans

Written by
Stuart Evans

Recently, we brought you up to speed with Google’s Core Vitals Update and what it will mean for your website.

To remind you of what’s been happening, Google’s algorithm is undergoing a major change – shifting its ranking factors by putting more emphasis on page experience. In a nutshell, here are the key changes that will affect your search engine rankings, coming into full effect by the end of August.

Page speed and stability 

The new update measures not only how fast your website pages load, but how quickly they take to become responsive, how long it takes for a user to interact, and how smoothly all elements on the page load.

Mobile responsiveness 

Responsiveness across all devices is continuing to be an ever more important ranking factor, as traffic from mobile continue to increase.

Security & encryption 

Google has always taken safe browsing seriously, and website security will now be a direct and prominent ranking factor.

To find out more about Core Vitals, read the full article here.

As the roll out continues, here’s how we’ve been taking care of your website to ensure it has all these factors in place…

Upgrading to our new platform

Upgrading client websites to our new CMS platform couldn’t have come at a better time, as our new platform is more responsive, integrated, and better tuned to SEO.

In addition to lightning fast hosting, the new platform has many more features in place, to improve performance and usability, both of which are vital factors to the new ranking updates.

As safe browsing is also fundamental to Google’s new Core Vitals update, we can reassure you that our new platform provides optimal security and encryption to your website.

Image compression

For websites still in the process of being upgraded, we have been using a tool to bulk compress images to the smallest possible size, without compromising on quality. As large images are so often the culprit to poor page speed, Core Vitals will deem this even more detrimental to search engine rankings, which is why we are being extra vigilant to image size, to ensure that page speed is swift and smooth.
We encourage clients uploading content themselves to stick to images no larger than 250k and to run them through to make sure!

Brand new audits

Although we already run a website performance test every month for each client to check for any technical or SEO-hindering errors, we have discovered new software and bonus features exclusive to Google’s Core Vitals Update.

These new audits delve into Google’s new ranking factors to score websites out of 100 on how their SEO will perform, highlighting the exact pages and issues which need working on.

We’ll be running every one of our marketing client’s sites through the software and working on adjusting what’s needed, to keep your rankings safe!

Guiding quality content

Page experience refers to how quickly a page loads, how responsive it is across all browsers and devices, but most importantly, how easily users can find the information they need.

“While all of the components of page experience are important, we will prioritise pages with the best information overall, even if some aspects of page experience are subpar. A good page experience doesn’t override having great, relevant content.” – Google.

By providing clients with relevant blog ideas, effective keywords to target, and widely searched for topics, we are encouraging content creation now more than ever.

However, if you’re not a confident writer or you don’t have the time to put aside, we’re available to help! Just contact us here to chat to our in-house copywriting team. We’ll also review your key messages and website copy to ensure that it is aligned to the best SEO practices.

Ongoing research and monitoring

Everything we’ve outlined so far is what we do know about Google’s Core Vitals, but as Google prefers to stay elusive about its algorithm (many of the 200+ ranking factors are still undisclosed), we are constantly looking for newly published information to gather more knowledge.

As SEO experts, we have the benefit of seeing and reporting changes first-hand, so we have been regularly monitoring all client website traffic and keyword ranking throughout the month to look out for any drastic changes.

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