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Instagram for Your Business: Hashtags and Ads.

Instagram for Your Business: Hashtags and Ads

It’s common knowledge that, in 2018, originality on Social Media is hard to come by. Whilst it’s essential to maintain professionalism on the platform, the ultimate goal is to gain exposure, conclusively gaining a large enough following that your Instagram content begins leading to conversions. We see thousands of companies using the online platform as a free advertising board, totally missing the purpose of Instagram. In the past 10 years, we’ve seen the internet increasingly covered with adverts, so, as consumers finally escape the maze of ads and enter a mostly ad-free app in search of some original content, the last thing they want to be met with is your page forcing products and services into their faces. Ensure your posts sell themselves.

Hashtags. Ahhh… Do you? Don’t you? You need them. You need a hashtag strategy. A hashtag Strategy? I hear you ask. Yes. If you dedicate enough time to hashtagging, you’re giving yourself the ability to speak at thousands of conferences, selling your brand from one place and reaching millions of people. By using a technique known as ‘Re-introduction’, which involves posting your hashtags in the comments section, gaining likes and followers as your post appears at the top of the search page then, as your post moves down the page with other users posting the hashtag on their accounts, you copy your hashtag, delete the comment, then paste and re-comment, pushing your post back to the top for its hashtags.

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