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Importance Of Your Social Media

Love it or loathe it, Social Media is here to stay and you might as well take advantage of free platforms from which to grow your message and organically create brand advocates. Your Social Media Strategy will take into account your products/services, the audience you are targeting and what content they consider valuable.

Setting Up Your Social Media

Whether your accounts are already set up and needing refreshing and branding or your company is completely new to the Social Media scene we target the right Social Channels which will have the most impact for your business.

Branding Your Social Media

Your Social Media accounts need to reflect your brand which is why our designers will refresh all your accounts to make sure your brand and feel from your website is reflected. This will encourage users to visit your website and navigate through it.

Managing Your Social Media

Your Social Media does not have to be a burden to your business. Using Amplifr we manage all of your Social Media accounts for you, allowing for continuity of theme and regularity of posting across all your Social Channels. The Amplifr platform is a CRM system from which we can manage your accounts and track the success of your Social Media.

Your Social
Content Relevance

Relevance in Social Media is a challenge for every company but our Digital Marketing team can take on that challenge for you. We mix essential, topical and seasonal content to provide your audience with your own company information and news, sharing of industry news and interactions with other users including shares and re-tweets. Let us take on the challenge for you.

Allows us to provide your company with a Social Media Strategy and implement it to see your company succeed.