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Top Marketing Methods For The Christmas Season.

Top Marketing Methods For The Christmas Season

Top Marketing Methods For The Christmas Season

Having now entered the month of festivities, it’s the perfect time to have your Christmas marketing strategies ready or if you don’t have one, to formulate one as soon as possible.

Oh, you don’t have one you say? Not a problem! Here at Website Success, we have a present for you; 3 marketing ideas to help your business throughout the most wonderful time of the year:

1.A promotional offer!

This is most likely a no-brainer to most people but a special offer, whether it’s an exclusive product or a discount, is a great way to increase traffic and conversions through the holiday season, as people can’t resist a good deal.

A good example of this could be a special discount that only triggers once a certain amount has been spent, for example on The Run Company, they have a November offer (however the same offer can be applied for December) where if you spend £100 or over, you are given a 10% discount.

Run Company Promotion 

2.An Exclusive Product/ Product Catalogue

Christmas themed gifts are always a massive hit on Christmas day, a good way to boost conversions is to have exclusive products for the Christmas season, as these are sure to boost conversions for these Christmas-themed products whilst also boosting awareness for the main products that the company offers. We can see an example of this on the Simply African Food website, where they’re offering an exclusive Christmas biltong hamper filled with their top products. This is a great marketing campaign, as it offers an exclusive product, which offers a large range of products at a discounted price and is linked to Christmas, which is great for SEO regarding the Christmas season.

Simply African Food Promotion

3.Christmas Blogs & Social Media

If you want to increase traffic to your website throughout the Christmas period, a simple yet effective way to do this through having a consistent Christmas themed blog schedule, which is great for SEO on the website, as this means your website will be showing up for Christmas related searches. It’s also important to have a regular Christmas posting schedule on social media as this can lead to further engagement with your brand.



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