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Your eCommerce Audience

Your business and company objectives are taken into account when developing a website which will deliver the sales you want. We’ve been developing eCommerce websites for businesses like yours since 1996 (before Google even launched) so whether you are B2C or B2B we have the expertise to provide an eCommerce website that works for your customers.

Your Bespoke eCommerce Website

eFusion is the website platform we use and for eCommerce websites it is uniquely valuable offering the ability to generate a central customer database, create email marketing campaigns and the ability to use bespoke API Integration (Application Programming Interface).

API Integrations can connect two or more systems and send or retrieve data which is particularly useful if you want your website to be connected to you stock management system in order to ensure your online store is displaying the correct availability. Another use of API Integrations is the connection of accounting systems with your eCommerce website. We develop this API Integration programs bespoke so that they function correctly for your business and they have proved incredibly useful to many of our clients. For more information on bespoke website development read our website development page.

Your Responsive
eCommerce Website

Your users are increasingly using mobile devices such as tablets and mobiles in order to visit your website and purchase your products. You therefore need the Responsive design we can develop for you to ensure that your sales are translating across all device platforms.

The performance of your website on 3G needs to be as excellent as it is on Wi-Fi and we ensure this with our quality development, the sophisticated and up-to-date platform eFusion and the Amazon Cloud Hosting we use. We make sure that the technology we use is at the forefront of website performance so that your website has the best chance of ranking, attracting and converting visitors.

Your eCommerce Website & SEO

Your eCommerce website is always developed with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. SEO can improve your website’s ranking and visibility and therefore promote traffic and visitor quality. Our Digital Marketing team works with the Website Developers to ensure the website design works in synergy with information architecture to ensure that Search Engines crawl and rank products as they are published. Additionally, the use of Analytics can provide you with unique insights into your customers buying journey and product popularity. Utilising this we can provide for you a Digital Marketing Strategy which uses your eCommerce goals as targets, sets realistic KPI’s and uses a combination of SEO, Content Generation and Social Media to increase your brand awareness, attract traffic and promote conversions. For more information on Digital Marketing read our Digital Marketing Service page.

Your eCommerce project can get underway today – just call or email us and we can start work with you.