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‘…it’s far easier and cheaper to keep and upsell to a current customer than it is to get a new customer.’

Your Email Marketing Designs

Your Email Marketing needs to be attractive, engaging and to encourage conversions. Here at Website Success we can provide you with designs which will help to drive traffic to your website and help conversions. We look at key questions when designing your Marketing Emails:

  • Is your Email Marketing platform simple and quick to use?
  • Do you have the delivery rates you need or are free services affecting your email delivery rate?
  • Do you use a template or bespoke design?
  • Measuring results - is an open rate enough or do you need to measure whether your email had an effect on your bottom line or other goal?

Testing Your Email Marketing

Your Email Marketing will be tested across multiple email clients to ensure that it is the very best. We test it across 4 web browsers and 5 versions of Internet Explorer to make sure that it will display correctly and look its best.

There are 70+ email platforms that we need to check when designing and building an email. Luckily, we invest in the best developers using the very best testing technologies to help us achieve this and to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Your Successful Email Marketing

Targeted email shots are one of the most effective forms of online marketing today. You'll have direct communication into the inbox of your customers or potential customers.

When it's done right, an email shot can get you one of the best response rates of any form of Digital Marketing. So, if you have a database of customers’ and prospective customers’ email addresses why not ask Website Success to discuss with you the options for Email Marketing for your company.

With our in-house team of experts, we can help with every aspect of your Email Marketing strategy, from Content writing to Design to the technical aspect of sending out the email to ensure its compatibility with all the many browsers and devices that your customers will be using to view the email.

Kick off your Email Marketing campaigns today – just call or email us and we can start work with you.