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Get that local competitive advantage with an active social media strategy.

During initial meetings where we sit down with clients to discuss their online marketing goals we often have the discussion about social media and whether their company should bother with it or not. Perhaps they don’t see the relevance of it for their customers when maybe socially they don’t use it themselves. But we always say to clients that surely the big question to ask isn’t whether they use social media themselves rather whether their customers do and/or whether their competitors have a social media presence. Increasingly, those businesses that have an active social media presence are gaining the edge on their competitors.

Sometimes local companies can have the best results with social media, particularly on Facebook. Most UK-wide companies have a social media presence now, and as such you are competing with a number of players in the market to get your page viewed, but the same can’t necessarily be said on a local level. It could be your opportunity to stand apart from your competitors. If you are a local-based company, depending on the customer profile in your target market, it could be the best way to build up a loyal, local clientele and the best way to gently remind people that your company is still there to let them know directly of any changes / news in the company.

You need to be realistic about your goals of social media, however, (and be assured that you do need to set specific goals). If you are expecting sales revenues to increase by 20% in the first 6 months as a result of having a social media profile then you probably shouldn’t bother. But if you are wanting to create a brand awareness or just remind customers that you are there and that you are active in the market it is a great business opportunity.

So, if after consideration you think it is the right strategy for your company then get yourself signed up, get creative, and start posting those regular pieces. Alternatively, you could give us a call and we can discuss your strategy with you.