What Is ‘Quality Content’ For Social Media?

Nov 18, 2020

Written by

Written by
Caitlin McCann

Written by
Caitlin McCann

Building a successful social media strategy relies on a number of things: being consistent, posting on the right platforms and reaching the correct audience — however the most important factor above all is posting quality content.

Regardless of the nature of your business, the value of your content will determine your success using social media marketing.

What Is Classed As ‘Quality Content’?

This is a frequently asked question amongst business owners managing their own social media accounts. The easiest way to define ‘quality content’ is content that resonates with your reader and offers them value in one way or another. Sharing posts that are informative and provide solutions and answers to your audience’s everyday queries and problems is the type of content that will receive the highest levels of engagement. Not only will it draw engagement, but it will demonstrate your industry knowledge and promote a positive perception of your business to your readers.

The best example of ‘quality content’ is content known as ‘evergreen content’.

This refers to content that has been relevant in the past, future and present and never loses interest or search volume from the public.  

A prime example of this would be ‘How to fry an egg’. This query is always searched for on Google, year after year. Any level of cooking skill starts with the basic ability to fry an egg, so it’s always going to be relevant, whereas avocado on toast became a popular trend, but will likely die out, or be replaced with something else in the near future, making it not so much of an ‘Evergreen’ topic.

Although it’s sometimes good to jump on the bandwagon and make your company relevant on topics that are happening ‘now’, it shouldn’t be your main social media focus — so posting about topics within your industry that have long-term relevancy is the best approach.

What mistakes should I avoid?

Social media can be trial and error and there are many things which may or may not work if you’re new to your strategy, but here are 3 commonly made mistakes to avoid when it comes to crafting your content.

Sounding too sales orientated

Although your overall goal for social media is to increase leads and sales, users will not engage with a brand that only utilises social media to make sales pitches. As a ratio guide, only 20% of your content should be there to directly promote your business.

Serving no purpose

Each post should be tailored with the intent of serving one of three purposes. These are: to either educate and inform, entertain, or promote. If a post falls into neither one of these categories, then it’s unlikely to receive a high level of engagement as it doesn’t offer your audience anything valuable.

No calls-to-action

In addition to ensuring every post serves a purpose, you also want to include CTA’s at the end for added value. These should be to either visit your website, find out more information on a certain topic, contact you, or leave a comment. Without including clear calls to action, you are not harnessing social media to its fullest potential.

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