Strategic Content Marketing

What it is and why content marketing matters

Content Marketing is all about having the right information on your website that customers are looking for.
This gets your website up the search engine rankings and ultimately helps convert your leads. It is core to your overall marketing strategy.

It provides a more interesting user experience...

Rich, quality content provides a more satisfying web experience for the user - your prospective customers. 

Since the Google Panda algorithm update in February 2011, Google promotes websites which deliver quality content and penalises those that don’t. It's all about your SEO!

‘Quality' content needs to be interesting, topical and unique. This expands your brand awareness, enhances your customers’ experience, encourages natural link acquisition, improves your rankings and therefore your website’s traffic and – importantly, increases your conversions.

So, what exactly is 'rich, quality content'?

Your content is the information on your website, your blog or news items, and your social media posts, all of which should be unique, consistent, useful and fresh to be considered ‘high quality’.

As with all strategies, content marketing needs proper thought, planning, regularity and continuity...

Sounds demanding? We can help!

Our Digital Marketing team is expert at whipping up content! We look at your company’s online goals and identify your target audience and the type of content they value. We provide you with content plans of ideas and topics based on your keyword terms and timely/seasonal themes.

We write and style posts for your approval before generating your content and diffusing it through social media channels, as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Extending your reach and sharing your content

Integrating your online campaigns maximises the potential and reach of your content - which means you can reach more potential customers. We can create bespoke social media packages to promote the sharing of your website and blog content, to help increase your exposure and promote traffic to your website.

We will ensure that similar themes run throughout your online presence, via blog posts, infographics, social media, email marketing or paid ads. Optimising your online marketing this way increases the impact of your campaigns, promotes brand awareness, and increases visitor flow and engagement - all with the aim of converting more leads on your site!

Bethan Woolmer

Bethan Woolmer - Head of Digital Marketing

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