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Why Your Content is Important

Google released an update named Panda to their algorithm in February 2011 and have been systematically tweaking it ever since. Panda was designed to penalise websites with poor, thin and duplicate content and thus promote websites which have quality content and will therefore provide a more satisfying user experience. In light of this your website’s content is of primary importance when it come to your Digital Marketing Strategy as not only can good content help your exposure, bad content can also harm you.

Your Content’s Purpose

The purpose of your content is to enhance your rankings, your customers’ experience and your conversions. Utilising keyword terms, timely themes and Social Media diffusion the following three goals can be contributed to:

  • Increasing Search Engine Rankings
  • Enhancing Brand Awareness
  • Encouraging Link Acquisition
  • Improving Website Traffic
  • Contributing to Conversions

Generating Your Content

Your online content, whether it be on your website, your blog or your Social Media needs to be unique, high quality, consistent and regular. Our Digital Marketing team look at what your company’s online goals are and identify your audience and what type of content they value. We then provide you with content plans containing themes and specific postings for approval before generating your content and diffusing it through Social Media as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy. This method ensures continuity, regularity and forward-thinking-ness for your Content Marketing.

Sharing Your Content

Integrating your campaigns is essential to maximising the potential of the content you are generating. Bespoke Social Media packages which can promote the sharing of your website and blog content will give you excellent exposure and promote traffic to your website.

Ensuring that similar themes are running throughout your online endeavours, whether they be a blog, Infographics, Social Media, Email Marketing or Paid Ads increases the potential impact of your campaigns. Your online marketing strategy will be stronger with this integration and will promote brand awareness, visitor flow and engagement.

If you have any questions about how your website, blog or Social content can be created for you then please contact us today.