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How Often Should Companies Blog?.

How Often Should Companies Blog?

How Often Should Companies Blog?

Everyone knows that blogs can help businesses attract more visitors to their website and can convert to leads, but most companies don’t understand the potential they have, just by writing blogs for their website. Every time you publish a brand new blog post, you’re opening up a brand new opportunity to be found in search engines, to be shared on social media, and to allow a brand new user to find your website.

So how often does a business need to post blogs? To increase website traffic and possibly conversions, as many blogs as possible would be the best option, but obviously this doesn’t give an accurate representation, so we’ve got some data graphs showing the correlation between monthly blog posts and the amount of traffic on the website, provided by www.hubspot.com.

Impact of monthly blog posts on inbound traffic

As you can see, the more times blogs were published by companies per month, resulted in more traffic coming to their website. It’s important to see that companies that post 16+ blogs a month got around 3.5 times more traffic than those that published between 0-4 monthly posts.

Also, it’s not only traffic that blogs have been significantly increasing, it’s also been proven that by a company posting more blogs results in generating more leads, which is a given as if people are interested in your blogs, they’re most likely going see the services you offer also.Impact of total blog posts on inbound leads 

From this graph, we can see that companies that posted more than 401 blogs in total got 3 times more leads than companies that published between 0-100 blog posts.

Conclusion Overall, companies that are committed to consistently publishing high quality blogs, tend to get the biggest boosts in website traffic and leads, which continue to increase over time.


The graphs inserted in this blog are from https://blog.hubspot.com.


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