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Chichester Business Utilises Energy Efficiency.

After occupying new and larger offices to aid their business growth last year, the team at Website Success were delighted when their application to receive an UTILISE Action Grant to upgrade their boiler and insulate their loft space was awarded.

The grant programme was run by the West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership CIC to encourage energy efficiency improvements for West Sussex businesses.  The project with Website Success involved replacing an aging 65% efficient boiler with an A-rated 88.9% efficient combination boiler.  The new boiler also connected to their kitchen and bathroom sinks, allowing the removal of an aging individual electric water heater that was very temperamental!

The scheme helped many businesses within the County to take a more energy efficient approach to conducting business practices.

Rowan Wallis of the Sustainable Business Partnership commented “We were impressed by Website Success’ logical approach to improving the energy efficiency of their building. Whilst the grant scheme has unfortunately now come to a close, I think the initiatives Website Success have taken, such as the loft insulation, selecting efficient lighting and IT equipment and engaging staff to be energy aware, really still highlight the quick-win opportunities for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and their utility bills.”

As part of the programme, Website Success also received a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) to show the improved efficiency of their building one year on from the project installation. Calculated using electricity and gas meter readings recorded over the year, they received an impressive B-rating for efficiency (a typical building usually being D or E rated). The DEC now hangs pride of place in office!

Nick Fenmor Collins, founder and Director of Website Success was really pleased to receive the certificate.  “For the size of the building, it just goes to show how energy efficient you can be when you try.  The boiler and insulation have helped, as have using modern Apple Mac computers for all our design and development work.”

Looking forward to the future, the Chichester web developers are in the process of installing a shower room in the premises.  Staff had indicated how being able to run and cycle to work would be made so much more pleasurable if a shower could be had once arriving at work.  Nick added “We can’t wait to get the shower installed.  It means we can cut down our fuel consumption with getting into work, just as we have with being at work!”

Rowan Wallis added “It was also fantastic to see Website Success attend one of our free UTILISE Workshops. The one-day course explores ways businesses can save money through reducing energy, water and waste. Upcoming dates for workshops include Horsham, Brighton, Crawley and Littlehampton and interested businesses can visit www.sustainablebusiness.org.uk or call 01444 477501 for further details on how to get involved.”